Thursday, August 31, 2017

005: Do I need the Disney dining plan?

One of the benefits of staying at Disney Resort is access to the Disney Dining Plan. 

004: Picking a Disney World Park Pass

Episode 4 breaks down your ticket options for Walt Disney World.

Listen in to learn:
  • What's a Park Hopper?
  • How many days to allocate to each Park?
  • Is it a better deal to add the Water Parks option to your ticket or buy a separate day pass to a water park? 

003: Deciphering Disney World Resorts

Now that you have the dates, the next step is to decide where you are staying. 

Today's episode deciphers the Disney resorts.What is the difference between all the resorts?

002: When is the best time to travel to Disney Worldl?

Episode 2 answers the question "When is the best time to travel to Disney World? 
The first decision to make when planning a Disney vacation is the dates of your travel.

Four things to consider: 
- Weather 
- How crowded the Parks will be 
- Special events 
- Your calendar 

001: What is Disney World?

Welcome to Mini Mouse Moments - the podcast where we break down Disney World vacations into bite size pieces.

Episode 1 answers the question: What is Disney World?